Learn a New Language With Music

Discover a brand new way to get fluent using Music Lingo.

Collect Songs
• Browse through our song collection to discover music by trending artists

• The songs you will be used in the learning process
Listen and Learn
• Study the lyrics while listening to your collected songs

• We highlight the 5 most important words you should learn based on your previous progress

• Click on individual words to view their translations

• Click on all the words in a line to view the entire line's translation
Practice Vocabulary
• After listening to a song, press "NEXT" to answer some matching and multiple choice questions

• Questions are generated using words and phrases from the song lyrics
Custom Learning
• Adjust the learning speed to set the number of correct matches it takes to "Learn" new words

• You can also mark vocabulary as "Learned" or "Not Learned" on our vocabulary page

• These features help optimize the learning process by controlling what terms you'll be quizzed on between songs
Radio Stations
• If you don't have time to sit down for a focused learning session, we've got you covered

• Continue to improve by listening to radio stations in your target language
Our Methods
Fluency Focused
• Music Lingo helps you grow in three areas of fluency: listening, reading, and speaking
• By listening to the music, reading the lyrics, and singing along to the songs, you can practice all three areas, all at the same time
Contextual Learning
• With Music Lingo, you'll naturally gain fluency by making use of context clues
• As you listen to the music and learn more vocabulary, you'll understand more and more of the songs' meanings
Habit Formation
• Regular practice is key to successfully learning a new language
• We'll keep you coming back with new music to discover and new lyrics to learn
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